Cloud-based security through Amazon Web Services

Sourcefire is delivering cloud-based Intrusion Prevention services, based on its open source Snort technology. Snort and Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) rules are now available through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in the form of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), enabling customers to proactively monitor network activity for malicious behavior and provide automated responses.

With more than 285,000 registered users and nearly four million downloads to date, Snort is the world’s most widely deployed IPS. Used extensively throughout the Fortune 1000 and the U.S. government, Snort is the de facto standard for intrusion detection and prevention.

The cloud-based Snort offering can be easily updated by downloading a new machine image and includes an intuitive user interface. Snort rules are automatically updated and available by the hour, further simplifying management and protection. This increased ease-of-use does not compromise Snort’s power or customization. Users’ retain the flexibility to easily tune and write their own rules.

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