Online backup for Google Apps Users

Backupify, a provider of online backup, archiving and export services for cloud-based social media and SaaS data, announced the availability of its solution for Google Apps.

With this release, Google Apps users can securely backup all data stored in their Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Sites.

Backupify is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that are typically reliant on the services of a single administrator. As a result, data backup services like Backupify serve a critical need for this market. Given that many small business owners operate under a wide variety of roles within their company, the risk of data loss based on an error by a non-technical person is not unrealistic.

Factor in other data loss possibilities including hacking, malicious deletions and an ever-increasing number of viruses and the need for a comprehensive backup solution clearly emerges.

Backupify for Google Apps uses Amazon’s secure cloud storage system to provide independent daily backups. To ensure additional peace of mind, Backupify offers the option to download backups to a user’s PC as well as access to stored data through the web.

When implementing Backupify for Google Apps, users have the option of three different levels of service based on their needs:

  • Premium package: 250 GB of storage for 50 Google Apps accounts for $59.95/month
  • Plus package: 100 GB of storage for 25 Google Apps accounts for $29.95/month
  • Basic package: 25 GB of storage for 10 Google Apps accounts for $9.95/month.

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