Nmap 5.35DC1 released

Nmap is a free and open source utility for network exploration or security auditing.

Nmap 5.35DC1 includes 131 NSE scripts (17 new), 6,622 version detection signatures, 2,608 OS fingerprints, and more. Nping and Ncat were significantly improved as well.

Some of the significant changes in this release:

  • Added 17 scripts, bringing the total to 131! Here is the list of new ones: afp-serverinfo, db2-brute, dns-cache-snoop, dns-fuzz, ftp-libopie, http-php-version, irc-unrealircd-backdoor, ms-sql-brute, ms-sql-config, ms-sql-empty-password, ms-sql-hasdbaccess, ms-sql-query, ms-sql-tables ms-sql-xp-cmdshell, nfs-ls ntp-monlist.
  • Performed a major OS detection integration run. The database has grown to 2,608 fingerprints (an increase of 262) and many of the existing fingerprints were improved. These include the Apple iPad and Cisco IOS 15.X devices. We also received many fingerprints for ancient Microsoft systems including MS-DOS with MS Networking Client 3.0, Windows 3.1, and Windows NT 3.1.
  • Performed a large version detection integration run. The number of signatures has grown to 6,622 (an increase of 279). New signatures include a remote administrative backdoor that a school famously used to spy on its students, an open source digital currency scheme named Bitcoin, and game servers for EVE Online, l2emurt Lineage II, and Frozen Bubble.
  • Added nfs-ls.nse, which lists NFS exported files and their attributes. The nfs-acls and nfs-dirlist scripts were deleted because all their features are supported by this script.
  • Added additional vulnerability checks to smb-check-vulns.nse: The Windows RAS RPC service vulnerability MS06-025 and the Windows DNS Server RPC vuln MS07-029. Note that these are only run if you specify the “unsafe” script arg because the implemented test crashes vulnerable services.

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