Free secure browser protects against security attacks

The Dell KACE Secure Browser uses application virtualization technology to provide an isolated instance of Firefox to secure what has become a common entry point for malware.

The browser aims to proactively contain threats before they become a problem. The new technology provides users with a virtual instance of an Internet browser application. By running the browser in a virtual instance, the browser and any activity resulting from its use are separated from the endpoint keeping the actual computer and operating system free of changes that would normally occur.

Fully contained from the operating system, any such changes made via browser activity are not only kept separated, but may also be quickly cleared with a single click. For even more security and control, optional white and black list entries may be used to limit what sites a user may visit and what applications the browser is permitted to launch.

The Dell KACE Secure Browser introduces:

  • A simple installation package that includes the Firefox browser along with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins pre-installed
  • Easy website restriction policies allowing only specified sites to be accessed, and further, prevention of access to any chosen restricted sites
  • Full remote insight and control when used with the K1000 Management Appliance for advanced management capabilities, offering an innovative and revealing view into current browser activity as well as the ability to remotely reset or terminate a remote instance.

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