Biometric authentication for iPhone apps

PerSay announced its VocalPassword functionality for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch applications. The new capability is poised to replace cumbersome login and strong authentication processes.

iPhone voice authentication, which interfaces with VocalPassword Web service interface, implements an accurate and easy to use process that utilizes a touch-and-record user interface. It can easily be embedded into any iPhone App with minimal resources.

The Voice Biometrics functionality uses a simple spoken pass phrase which enables singe / multi-factor voice-based authentication. By combining it with the Device ID, and / or a password, a triple-factor authentication is enabled.

“iPhone and iPad users are demanding friendly Apps that utilize the most advanced technology for enhanced experience,” noted Almog Aley-Raz, PerSay CEO. “By eliminating keyboard use, as well as the need for Auto-Filling names and passwords which poses a security risk, the PerSay state-of-the-art solution provides optimal usability with maximum protection. Sensitive enterprise and personal applications, including mobile banking, social networks, payment services, membership clubs, and many more, can now provide their users with a sleek and innovative, yet strong authentication experience.”


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