IP-based control over enterprise networks

Cloud Systems announced the release of atmospherics 2.3 which executes control of any networked infrastructure from any device with a web browser.

Atmospherics 2.3 allows Android, Mac, PC and other mobile-device developers to create custom graphical user interfaces and applications for control solutions.

Cloud Systems is releasing an SDK utilizing standard RESTful webservices to select developers and partners through their Control Freaks Developer Network. Atmospherics now allows developers to create custom real-time reporting and ROI dashboards using open-architecture business intelligence tools.

Atmospherics 2.3 enables, single-button transformation of shared environments such as collaborative workspace, healthcare facilities, hotel rooms, conference rooms, classrooms and briefing centers. From one-touch video conferencing to enterprise-wide energy conservation policies, atmospherics gives the end user ultimate control.

Standards-based modeling enables administrators to control, manage and report on networked devices without the need for custom programming. Simple and intuitive user interfaces help drive user adoption. Network scalability ensures atmospherics has the lowest cost of ownership and the greatest level of functionality and flexibility among control systems.

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