New software for smarter security and compliance management

IBM announced new software to deliver security and compliance to thousands of computers globally – automating some of the most time-intensive IT tasks.

The new software, delivered through IBM’s BigFix acquisition, provides built-in intelligence that identifies all of a company’s PCs, laptops, servers, point-of-sale and virtualized devices — wherever they are — then flags when devices are not in compliance with corporate IT standards.

Its single dashboard makes the proper fixes across 500,000 machines in minutes. Organizations can see, change, enforce and report on security policies and system configurations of all endpoint devices in real time – including those not continuously connected to the corporate network.

The general availability of new BigFix Unified Management Software Platform includes more than 200 customer- and partner-specific enhancements, most notably:

Improved virtualization management: As companies increase the deployment of virtualized assets, having greater management of those assets is critical for security and compliance. A major competitive differentiator of the new BigFix platform is its display of all virtual and physical assets in a single view to help locate, manage and protect virtualized and physical systems.

New role-based interface: The redesigned user interface now includes role-specific views so IT staff can view the status of IT assets according to key functional areas such as endpoint management, security, audit compliance, provisioning or IT operations. Having role-based views helps optimize workflows and simplify the IT staff’s experience.

“As organizations become increasingly more complex, virtualized and distributed, it’s critical for them to take proactive steps to secure and manage their IT environment in a consolidated and automated way,” said Amrit Williams, CTO of BigFix technology at IBM. “With BigFix’s new virtualization and interface breakthroughs, IT staff can better manage and secure their IT environments.”

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