Novell releases Cloud Security Service

Novell announced the general availability of their Cloud Security Service which gives cloud providers the ability to deliver secure access and compliance in the cloud for their customers.

Novell Cloud Security Service is hosted in the cloud, either where the provider hosts its application or via a Novell hosting partner. A user can log on directly or via the enterprise identity system. The service first verifies the identity and, if successful, will generate an identity token in the format needed by the SaaS provider.

The user is now authenticated to the SaaS service. Once inside the application, the application connectors that are provided with the service capture deep page-level user activity and provide the audit stream for compliance purposes.

With this service, enterprises can extend their identity infrastructure to any public cloud. Any changes that are made to their users or permissions are immediately replicated in the cloud environment, thus ensuring one consistent identity and security framework for the enterprise, regardless of where the computing is actually taking place.

The Novell Cloud Security Service currently has several beta deployments globally. With today’s announcement of general availability, Novell’s cloud services team will target more than 200 IaaS, and 1,300 SaaS and PaaS vendors to get them started with this ground-breaking technology that is supported by more than 60 patents.

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