New virtual security gateway simplifies cloud security

Check Point announced the new Security Gateway Virtual Edition (VE) with VMsafe integration that secures the cloud with a firewall and protects dynamic virtual environments from both internal and external security threats.

The Security Gateway VE is designed to ensure organizations can secure inter-VM traffic and external networks with granular firewall policies and integrated intrusion prevention capabilities to protect against malicious and unwanted network activity. In addition, organizations can automatically apply security policies to all existing or future virtual machines, without changing the existing network topology or downtime during live migration.

With Security Gateway VE, customers are able to meet both the traditional network traffic requirements and the dynamic requirements needed to protect data at the hypervisor level, ensuring they have the most comprehensive security for virtual environments.

With VMware VMsafe integration, Check Point’s Security Gateway VE can be deployed easily and consistently across the infrastructure to achieve greater visibility, manageability, and enforcement of standard security policies. Now organizations have access to holistic data and greater system protection against new and existing threats in the virtual environment.

Customers can easily deploy the Security Gateway VE into their existing security infrastructure and virtual environment, dramatically reducing deployment time and costs. Organizations can centrally manage both the physical and virtual gateways from a single console to simplify management.

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