Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 7 released

Acunetix announced version 7 of its Web Vulnerability Scanner which features a new vulnerability verifying techniques, scanning engine, support for a wider variety of web applications, improved performance, less false positives and detection of a wide range of new web vulnerability types.

Advanced vulnerability verifying techniques result in much less false positives. Such accuracy is achieved by sending a number of test inputs to the web application, and depending on the response, the software will automatically determine which web vulnerability checks to launch against the web application.

Acunetix WVS 7 includes a new fast multi threaded scanner that can scan on more threads at a time and more efficiently. Scans that could take hours to complete now can be done in minutes, depending on website structure and web applications.

When a web security threat is discovered, the software presents a more precise and understandable technical and vulnerability remediation information, to help fix the issue fast. To improve understanding, different variants of the vulnerability are gathered in one detailed vulnerability report. It can also re-check a fix for a particular vulnerability, without having to rescan the entire website.

Acunetix is also able to crawl and scan a wider variety of web technologies. Support for Web 2.0 applications has been improved, and also session handling. All of the advanced penetration testing tools have been rewritten to support Web 2.0 requests, such as JSON, XML and more.

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