Nagios monitoring system 3.2.2 released

Nagios monitors your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly.

In the event of a failure, Nagios can alert technical staff of the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers.

Enhancements in version 3.2.2:

  • Patch to new_mini_epn to allow any command line length without breaking on extra trailing or leading whitespace
  • Patch to mini_epn to allow any command line length
  • Patch to speed up loading of state retention data
  • Custom notifications are now suppressed during scheduled downtime
  • Added code to warn user about exit code of 126 meaning plugin is not executable
  • Scheduled downtime can now start on SOFT error states
  • Main window frame URL can now be specify with a “corewindow=” parameter
  • Improved config CGI shows commands, command args in an easier to use manner
  • Added ability for NEB modules to override execution of event handlers (Sven Nierlein)
  • Custom macros are no longer cleaned/stripped as they are user-defined and should be trusted.

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