Facebook boosts security by adding remote logout feature

Following the May rollout of the security feature that made it possible for Facebook users to be notified of unapproved account access, the social network announced another one that will allow them to remotely logout from their account.

This way, if you forgot to logout after accessing your account from a friend’s phone or a public computer, you can access your account from your own and terminate remotely the active session.

The feature will be rolled out gradually, and this is how it will look like:

To check out if you can use it already, go to your Account Settings page and choose to change your Account Security.

The information provided for each active session will consist of the login time, device name (if you have named it), a ballpark location derived from the IP address, and the browser and operating system on the used device.

This way, even if someone accesses you account after you or your account credentials get phished and used, you can lock out those users by terminating the session remotely and changing the password for the account.

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