Facebook scam: “10 Things Adults Never Tell Their Kids”

Another very effective scam has been spotted coursing through Facebook, aided perhaps by the long Labor Day weekend and people’s wish to unwind and abundance of free time.

The name of the page is “10 Things Adults Never Tell Their Kids”, and you found about it the usual way: a friend of yours has “liked” it and has shared the link with you.

You followed the link, but no immediate fun followed. Instead, you first had to do follow what has become a usual procedure for this kind of scam: “like” the page, share the link, complete a survey:

According to Graham Cluley, you just earned some money for the scammers, since they are paid for every filled out questionnaire. You have also practically recommended it to your friends, some of which will go on to perpetuate the scam circle.

All in all, you can count yourself lucky this time, because not all offered surveys end up with a simple loss of a few minutes of you time – you could have been tricked into parting with some valuable personal information or into subscribing to an expensive service.

Unfortunately, you have also given these scammers yet another reason to continue this practice and pollute your online experience.

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