Testing tool for packet filtering and access control systems

Idappcom launched Traffic IQ V2.0, an automated auditing and vulnerability assessment testing tool that has an extensive traffic library that includes thousands of real threats plus corresponding security rules for the latest threats.

Traffic IQ v2.0 is specifically created for testing the response and recognition capabilities of IP based packet filtering and access control systems (IDS, IPS, UTM, switches, routers, application layer firewalls).

New features:

  • extended library of threats/attacks
  • security rules for IP filtering security solutions
  • database structure to enhance the filtering and selection and viewing of traffic and rules
  • additional command line functions
  • a scripting engine
  • enhanced reporting

The full version is available in two software variants and two appliance based variants, Traffic IQ Pack and Traffic IQ Pro Pack. Traffic IQ Pack includes the full traffic file library, traffic groups and scan lists, the traffic file editor and the command line Interface.

Traffic IQ Pro includes all the functionality of IQ Pack with the addition of two modules: Security Rules (for the latest attack/threats, contained in the traffic file library, an industry standards based security rule has been created which can be used in a security appliance to mitigate the threat) and Scripting Engine (enables the user to create scripts using VBA that can be run interactively or in batch. As an example scripts could be written to attack end points, check that all ports are active on devices, automate TIQ functions etc.)

The appliance version of the product comes with the software pre-installed on a 1U appliance, which is preconfigured with Windows embedded and optimized. Automated updates are available. Secure remote access can be used for managed services and external expertise to be utilized. An additional application is available to enable the use of evasion techniques to further test security beyond normal threat traffic. It is also possible to buy individual modules of the products, enabling users to buy only the functions that they need.

The freeware version, Traffic IQ Replay, has a powerful GUI and enables a user to perform stringent testing without the need to learn the complexities of a command line interface. It allows them to replay their own, or web downloaded pcaps through security appliances and test the mitigation capabilities of those appliances.

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