Google offers safe browsing alerts for network admins

In order to help network administrators keep their networks free of malicious content, Google has announced a new experimental tool: Google Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators.

So far, Google has been trying hard to protect its users by facing them with the “This site may harm your computer” warning besides malicious URLs provided as search results, and by warning them again before allowing the site to load.

The company also attempts to notify webmasters when their websites have been spotted carrying malicious content and provides them with the possibility of checking if that’s the case on the Dashboard in the Webmaster Tools.

Finally, the time has came for Google to try to make life easier for Autonomous System owners. As are collections of connected IP addresses under the control of one or more network operators, and a single network or ISP can host thousands of websites.

“Although network administrators may not be responsible for running the websites themselves, they have an interest in the quality of the content being hosted on their networks,” said Google, and offered this new tool that will allow them to receive early notifications if malicious content is found anywhere on their networks. “We’re hoping that with this additional level of information, administrators can help make the Internet safer by working with webmasters to remove malicious content and fix security vulnerabilities.”

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