PayPal expands consumer protection

Beginning Nov. 1, 2010, shoppers around the world will have expanded buyer protection when they make purchases at the millions of retailers that accept PayPal.

The expanded protection will cover shoppers on merchant websites if they don’t receive an item they purchased, or if they receive an item that is significantly different than described by the merchant.

PayPal will extend these additional benefits to shoppers in all countries it serves except Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

PayPal provides protections for both buyers and sellers in addition to the safeguards that are built into the PayPal system:

  • Because PayPal never shares a buyer’s financial information with sellers, privacy is built into the service.
  • PayPal provides zero liability for eligible unauthorized transactions on PayPal accounts.
  • PayPal has one of the most sophisticated anti-fraud models in the payments industry, which gets smarter and stronger with every transaction that goes through our system – and PayPal has processed billions of transactions in the past 11 years. With this technology, PayPal often detects and stops fraudulent activity the moment it occurs and before it ever reaches our customers.

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