Navigation and fingerprint authentication device

AuthenTec unveiled today the world’s smallest fingerprint sensor for combining authentication and navigation functions in one device, the AES850.

This low profile sensor is designed and packaged for easy integration as the central navigation key on QWERTY keypads or any dedicated navigation-function device, and offers the size, low power and biometric performance required by today’s leading smartphone manufacturers.

The AES850 combines fast, optical joystick and trackball-like cursor and menu navigation control with fingerprint authentication, adding convenient security and personalization features at a cost that is comparable to single purpose navigation devices such as optical joysticks or other mobile phone navigation trackpads.

It is the first AuthenTec sensor to feature an “authenticate to wake’ feature whereby a user can swipe the sensor when the phone is in standby mode, and the phone’s CPU will match a fingerprint image prior to powering up. This helps conserve battery power and allows the AES850 to act as a power button that only works for a registered user. This newest addition to AuthenTec’s smart sensor portfolio complements the Company’s AES1750 smart sensor, which is tailored for easy integration in touchscreen-enabled smartphones.

The AES850 utilizes a high-definition 92 pixel by 8 pixel sensor array to produce outstanding fingerprint image quality at 500 DPI resolution. The ultra-thin 1.2mm Line Grid Array (LGA) package is designed for easy integration into the center position above the QWERTY keypad, where it replaces navigation-only devices such as directional pads, trackballs or optical joysticks. It also serves as a smaller form factor option for touchscreen-based phones.

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