Full-service virtual SIEM solution

LogLogic announced the release of a full-service virtual SIEM solution. Leveraging the recently released LogLogic 5 software, LogLogic’s MX Virtual delivers all the functionality of LogLogic’s hardware-based appliances via VMware technology.

The LogLogic MX Virtual delivers enterprise-grade IT data collection, search and storage capabilities as well as customizable alerts and reports covering identity and access management, user activity, network changes, security, business continuity and IT performance. It allows workgroups and businesses to collect, manage and analyze IT data from anywhere in their organization.

It also lowers the cost of entry for the smaller companies, those with security or PCI compliance needs but have very few servers or monitoring points. It is also suited for cloud providers who wish to offer logging-as-a-service, or PCI-as-a-Service in the cloud. The MX Virtual allows them to spin up a virtual machine for every customer, ensuring separation of data and silo-ed security.

Pricing for the LogLogic MX Virtual product starts at $3,000 for a small number of log sources.

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