Agentless configuration auditing

nCircle announced the new version of its Configuration Compliance Manager, an agentless configuration auditing and file integrity monitoring solution that automatically discovers configurations of most network devices – regardless of make or model. It compares them to any of the more than one hundred built-in policies, identifies non-compliant configurations and alerts on high-risk changes and mis-configurations.

Configuration Compliance Manager continuously identifies all IP-enabled systems that are active on a network, including servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls. The solution then enumerates the applications and configuration of each system, providing detailed information on thousands of configuration variables. It identifies and assesses virtually everything on the network, from routing table entries and access control lists to Active Directory group policy objects and application misconfigurations, without requiring agent software on the endpoints.

The solution achieves this with a customizable scan module that can connect to almost any network device using credentials and utilize platform-specific commands to determine configuration details. The module is easily configured by network administrators through CCM’s graphical user interface.

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