Fake Twitter homepages serving malware

A number of bogus Twitter main pages have been popping up and are offering misdirected users a chance to see naked ladies and to download malicious applications, Sunbelt reports.

Using the announced Twitter redesign as a lure, the used Twitter kit allows criminals to change the design of Twitter’s home page and place a video that will attract the attention of users exactly below the “Edit” line you can see in the following screenshot:

The kit in question (Twitter drive by.zip) allows the scammer to edit the link in the .htm file, and then upload the whole.

Luckily for Twitter users, they might notice something is wrong when a pop-up window asks them to download an application:

But people who have only now wanted to sign in might think this is a normal occurrence, so it is advisable for everybody to check if the URL of the page is the right one.

So far, these phony pages have been hosted on free services, and the URL reflected this fact. But, it could be only a matter of time until typosquatters chose to use the kit, and then spotting the fake Twitter will require a little more attention.

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