Fake MS Security Essentials peddles rogue AV products

I was wondering when will rogue AV peddlers start using the name of a real AV product, and now I have my answer.

F-Secure has detected one called Microsoft Security Essentials – not the real deal, of course – that spreads through drive-by-download attacks. The name of this particular file can be mstsc.exe or hotfix.exe, and it also uses the icon belonging to the legitimate Microsoft program.

A strong hint that this AV might not be legitimate comes in the form of a table displaying 32 AV products, of which only five are shown capable of detecting and cleaning the infection that supposedly is on your computer:

AntiSpySafeguard, Major Defense Kit, Peak Protection, Pest Detector and Red Cross? Do these names ring a bell? I suppose not, because they are not real, legitimate AV solutions.

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