Secure USB drive with Windows Embedded Standard 7

Spyrus released a secure USB flash drive with Windows Embedded Standard 7 pre-installed.

Unlike other USB flash drives that run the Windows operating system, the Secure Pocket Drive from Spyrus was designed from the ground up with FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified hardware, US government approved next-generation cryptographic algorithms, and extensive self-checking functionality to protect the device, the operating system, and the user data.

Secure Pocket Drive is available in three editions—Remote Access, Productivity, and Productivity RO (Read Only). The Remote Access edition is a read-only device designed for secure web surfing, virtual private network connectivity, and virtualized application access.

The Productivity edition adds to this functionality by supporting the installation of applications such as Microsoft Office, with the ability to store user data on the device or on an external SPYRUS secure USB encryption device. The Productivity RO edition offers all of the functionality of the Productivity edition, except that data can be stored only on an external Spyrus secure USB encryption device.

All editions can be customized to meet organization-specific requirements. Unlike a bootable CD, Secure Pocket Drive can be unlocked and updated remotely by authorized administrators using the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Active Directory policy settings. Software installation and patches are supported and your system administrators need no additional training. The devices themselves can be managed through the SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS), which allows remote disable or destruction of devices.

A Spyrus Hydra Privacy Card secure USB encryption device can be bound to a user’s everyday PC and the Secure Pocket Drive, allowing encrypted transfer of information solely between the two Windows environments. Even if the user knows the password, the Hydra Privacy Card cannot be unlocked on any other system, preventing information leakage by trusted insiders.

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