First credit card with password generator

Gemalto launched the first credit card to combine one-time password security capabilities with standard payment. This innovation allows banks to provide a single card that delivers both payment and increased security for online transactions. The new Gemalto Ezio product is immediately available in the United States.

The card’s online secure password feature is activated by pressing a button on the face of the card. A one-time code is digitally generated and displayed. The card becomes a second factor of authentication, allowing the user to enter this unique and non-reusable numeric code on a Web page, in addition to their username and password.

As part of the solution, Gemalto provides a turnkey platform that is plug and play with existing banking systems, for the online verification. The server verifies user authentication for online transactions and account access.

“With the rapid growth of attempted online fraud, financial institutions are looking for effective and affordable ways to provide increased and more user-friendly online security, especially for commercial and high net worth accounts,” commented Ove Wedsjo, Head of eBanking at Gemalto.

“Our brand new Ezio product equips end-users with a security token embedded in a form-factor they are very familiar with, guaranteeing high user acceptance. It allows for bankers to lower their fulfillment costs and at the same time significantly increase online security” he added.

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