Oracle Solaris 11 Express released

Oracle Solaris 11 Express delivers advanced Oracle Solaris features that have been in development for over five years in a production-ready package, allowing customers to immediately use the latest Oracle Solaris features to deploy new applications.

New availability features greatly reduce planned downtime by up to 50%, virtually eliminating traditional patching and maintenance related reboots and vastly improving system boot time to tens of seconds.

Oracle Solaris 11 Express adds network virtualization and resource management to the complete, built-in virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris.

Key features include:

  • Networking virtualization and resource management capabilities that increase throughput, speed up applications, and reduce network loads and complexity.
  • Increased Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and Java-based application performance through jointly engineered improvements, such as memory management and I/O enhancements.
  • ZFS enhancements for file and block de-duplication, encryption and provisioning.
  • Multi-tenancy with enhanced security for today’s virtual and cloud environments implementing the latest security standards.
  • Further reductions in number of maintenance operations that require a reboot.
  • Fast Reboot, which allows customers to recover systems and databases in tens of seconds verses tens of minutes.
  • Leading edge patching, upgrade and installation capabilities designed to reduce risk and greatly simplify the most common system administrator tasks.
  • Maximum performance and scale for future hardware that will scale to tens of thousands of hardware threads, hundreds of terabytes of system memory and hundreds of Gigabits of I/O.
  • A built in snapshot facility that always keeps a backup of the system boot image and allows customers to revert back to the old version with a simple reboot.
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