Two indicted for university hack binge

Two former students of the University of Central Missouri have been charged with computer intrusion, intercepting electronic communication and aggravated identity theft, following a hacking spree that would put to shame the efforts of most cyber criminals.

Joseph A. Camp, 26, and Daniel J. Fowler, 21, have allegedly hacked into the University’s network, stolen personal information belonging to thousands of students and university staff, tried to steal the University’s money by transferring it into their own accounts and to modify various grades.

Then, they infected public university computers and personal computers belonging to other students with information stealing Trojans and a virus of their own making. Furthermore, Camp tried to sell the information stolen from the University’s database.

Softpedia reports that when the two discovered that were being investigated, they immediately removed the computer equipment they have been using for hacking from Fowler’s dorm room, leaving only a monitor with a post-it note on it saying “Too late! :)” to welcome the FBI when they searched the room.

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