Voice encryption app for the iPhone

Kryptos is a secure VoIP application for the iPhone. It utilizes 256-bit AES military grade encryption to encrypt voice communications between users, while using 1024-bit RSA encryption during the symmetric key exchange.

Kryptos provides VoIP connectivity for secure calls over several networks including 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

As the access to cellular phones and mobile devices has evolved so has the propensity for security threats in regards to interception of calls made and received. Most people are not aware of how simple it is for attackers to use readily available tools in order to intercept standard cellular calls.

Users download the Kryptos App from iTunes on their computer or directly from the App Store on their iPhone. Users then activate their account with Kryptos. Each user will receive an individual ID. Secure calls are made peer-to-peer between users.

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