Steganos Privacy Suite 12 released

The latest version of the all-in-one data protection software, Steganos Privacy Suite 12, combines eight tools for optimizing user privacy protection, including: data encryption and concealment, password management, and secure file deletion.

New features in Steganos Privacy Suite 12 include:

  • Improved interface for easier operation
  • Multicore processors for faster encryption and decryption without compromising system speed
  • System check and advisor tool for alerting users of security gaps in the system
  • Hidden safes or drives (up to 1 TB) for encrypting sensitive data in images, videos or music; and traceless drives that only exist on system random-access memory (RAM).

Steganos Safe 12 and Steganos TraceDestructor 12, which are included in Privacy Suite 12 but also available as standalone products, include innovative features that combine security and comfort to protect data from unauthorized third-party access.

Steganos Safe 12 offers seamless system integration for multiple applications, SelfSafes for storing data in exe files (e.g. for e-mailing), and data vault encryption and transportation on Blu-Ray discs.

Steganos TraceDestructor 12 features selective one-click destruction of PC and browser history traces, and now removes instant messaging traces from chat programs such as MSM, ICQ, and Trillian.

Additional features include:

Steganos Shredder: performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete operations on hard and external drives such as USB sticks, rewritable CDs, DVDs, and memory cards.

Steganos PicPass: lets users access their data safe by selecting a series of images as a password, eliminating the need to memorize long and complicated passwords.

Steganos Toolbar: helps users automatically and securely fill out website forms.

Password security check: provides fragment analysis and feedback on password strength to prevent users from creating partially insecure passwords.

A full version of Steganos Privacy Suite 12 is available for $69.95. Standalone products, Steganos Safe 12 and Steganos TraceDestructor 12, are available for $39.95 and $24.95 respectively.

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