, and others hacked on Christmas

Waking up on Christmas morning and finding out you’ve been hacked must be pretty annoying, and that it what happened to the administrators of – an underground online forum where stolen credit card information and many other stolen data can be bought and sold – and to the administrators of some other websites and databases that caught the attention of the group of hackers behind the Owned and Exposed ezine.

The second issue of the ezine reveals that exploit databases and,, the Free-Hack forum and the Ettercap project website.

This is not the first time this group of hackers has targeted the forum. Earlier this year they have proved they managed to breach its internal database by posting its contents in the first issue of the ezine. This time, they decided to shame its administrators by posting their usernames and hashed passwords.

According to Brian Krebs, the people behind got targeted because they tried to claim the credit for the and hacks.

The fact was confirmed by the and administrator himself:

So, why did the group of hackers behind the ezine and the attacks turned their attention to these particular sites? In their own words: “We are the watchmen, the hackers who quietly observe the scene. If any skiddy community gets too big, we shut them down. If any lamer causes too much trouble, we shut them down.”

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