Fake Facebook password change notification leads to malware

The following e-mail purportedly sent by Facebook has recently been hitting inboxes around the world:

The attached .zip file that supposedly contains the new password actually contains a backdoor that downloads a MS Word document and opens it.

According to Avira, the document contains a few words in Russian and is written in Cyrillic, so this could definitely be a warning to the users that something is off.

Unfortunately, while they were busy looking at the document and figuring out what it means, a fake AV solution misappropriating the name of Microsoft’s Security Essentials solution is downloaded, installed on the system and starts showing bogus warnings about the user’s computer being infected.

Needless to say, users are advised not to open attachments from unsolicited e-mails, especially when the name of the company that supposedly sends it is misspelled.


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