Malware and virtual patching info added to QualysGuard

Qualys announced that QualysGuard Vulnerability Management (VM) now integrates with Trend Micro Threat Intelligence and Trend Micro Deep Security providing customers with live access to the latest information on related malware and available virtual patches, making it easier for customers to accurately prioritize remediation activities and take action to keep data safe.

The new integrations include:

  • QualysGuard integration with Trend Micro Threat Intelligence, an integral part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, displays the latest information on malware associated with vulnerabilities. QualysGuard VM users can prioritize and filter vulnerabilities based on known malware, providing actionable information to administrators in order to remediate vulnerabilities that can lead to infections
  • Trend Micro Deep Security (for servers) and Trend Micro OfficeScan Intrusion Defense Firewall (for desktops) provide capabilities to shield host vulnerabilities from attack. Now QualysGuard customers can view information on which vulnerabilities can be mitigated with these virtual patching solutions, including a CVE reference, description of the virtual patch, and a link to apply the patch for immediate protection.

“The integrations with QualysGuard provide customers with a more complete solution from assessment to mitigation, simplifying security and compliance so companies can focus on deploying enabling technologies to protect their businesses against cyber threats,”said John Maddison, executive general manager for the Trend Micro Data Center Business Unit.

“We have built a strong partnership with Trend Micro to bring real time intelligence to our user community to help them better protect themselves against malware and prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities, making their security programs more effective and efficient,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO for Qualys.

QualysGuard integrations with Trend Micro are available immediately to all QualysGuard VM subscribers.

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