SMS Trojan masquerading as valentine-sending mobile application

It’s Valentine’s Day, and for all of you who are getting ready to send a valentine to the special people in your life, Microsoft has a warning: be careful what MMS-sending application you use to send it.

The company’s researchers have detected a mobile Trojan masquerading as an MMS-sending application that is currently available online. The file in question is named love_mms.rar, and contains a JAR installer named jimm2010.jar which is actually the Trojan.

The file also contains a number of valentine-themed pictures which, by the look of it, indicate that the Trojan is targeting Russian mobile users. While the messages are being sent, the Trojan sends his own to a Russian premium SMS short code number.

“Note that the JAR installer runs on any mobile platform that supports Java, such as Symbian and Windows CE operating systems,” warn the experts.

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