App-blocking whitelisting that complements antivirus software

GlobalSCAPE announced that the company is developing appShield, an new computer security product for home and small business computers.

AppShield is based on proven enterprise-level application whitelisting technology from CoreTrace Corporation. Unlike traditional “blacklisting” solutions, such as antivirus software, that attempt to detect and remove infected files and applications running on a computer, appShield denies the operation of applications and executables that are not on an approved “whitelist” created by the user.

By ensuring that only approved applications can run, it automatically blocks all unauthorized applications—including viruses and rogue applications that may have been inadvertently downloaded from email, websites, or social media, for example.

AppShield complements existing antivirus software by acting as a user- controlled final layer of defense, blocking all applications not specifically approved by the user, including new viruses not detected by many antivirus software products.

Features and benefits:

  • Immediately blocks unauthorized programs from running
  • Offers always-on protection against the latest malware and viruses that haven’t yet been identified by even the most up-to-date antivirus software
  • Operates inside the OS kernel to protect against malicious software processes
  • Presents a simple and easy to understand user interface that allows flexible authorization or blocking of applications
  • Provides visibility into all programs attempting to run on the computer
  • Consumes minimal computer resources.

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