Licensing platform on a USB stick

INSIDE Secure and PACE Anti-Piracy announced that the two companies have collaborated to bring to market a portable, convenient, simple to use and robust security device to protect and manage multiple software licenses.

The recently announced PACE iLok USB Smart Key combines the INSIDE Secure VaultIC security technology with PACE Anti-Piracy’s expertise in the development and licensing of anti-piracy systems for software publishers.

The patented iLok USB Smart Key stores and processes the secure data necessary to authorize protected software. It can support up to 500 license authorizations from multiple software vendors in a single device, while also providing cross-platform compatibility, distribution flexibility and portability of authorization.

VaultIC security modules offer a turnkey solution for integrating data security into a wide range of applications. Based on low-power, security certified hardware platforms, VaultIC solutions provide security for the storage of keys, certificates and customer data. They offer designers a rich choice of interfaces and rapid computation of all standard cryptography algorithms while reducing or eliminating the need for custom development.

“With its industry-leading security and low-power, compact design, our VaultIC security solutions are the right choice for easily adding security to portable devices like the iLok,” said Olivier Debelleix, business line manager for embedded security at INSIDE Secure. “The INSIDE VaultIC brings Common Criteria EAL4+/EAL5+ and FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography and secure data storage to the iLok USB Smart Key, and we are pleased that PACE has chosen it for this critical security application.”

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