Managed file transfer with large enterprise clustering

Axway introduced large enterprise clustering for its SecureTransport offering. SecureTransport simplifies and secures file transfers between people, sites, applications and external partners, providing visibility into information flows both within and outside of the organization, while ensuring compliance with global mandates.

The new large enterprise clustering option extends SecureTransport’s standard clustering capabilities, integrates into an external database and scales up to 20 nodes to handle a virtually unlimited number of concurrent connections. Large enterprise clustering also adds policy-based management of server-initiated and server-side tasks, giving administrators finer-grained controls.

Designed to handle both interactive, user-driven communications and automated file transfer, SecureTransport integrates easily into existing architectures. The solution is currently deployed in large enterprise environments and is capable of handling millions of daily file transfers.

Axway SecureTransport facilitates FTP replacement – it is a highly scalable, managed service for all modes of managed file transfer over FTP/S, SSH-FTP, HTTP/S, SCP and AS2 – all fully integrated with Axway Transfer CFT.

“Protecting business interactions in transit is important for any organization, but for those in highly regulated industries it becomes critical. And as companies look to formalize how they handle MFT, the desire to minimize the impact on the data center as it currently exists will be first and foremost in the minds of many,” said Dave Bennett, CTO of Axway. “All of our solutions, spanning multiple business interaction patterns, bring policy-based management and visibility to transactions both within and outside the enterprise. It is this vision that guides the development of SecureTransport.”

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