Free iPhone and iPad risk management app

Citicus MoCA is a new, free risk management application for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It provides a simple way for decision-makers to identify the business impact of their organization’s assets and processes being disrupted.

Citicus MoCA is very easy to use and enables a wider range of stakeholders to discover, assess and highlight the relative importance of their information resources, supplier relationships, products, sites and any other types of asset or process they depend on.

Decision-makers can use Citicus MoCA to identify the business impact of assets being disrupted from different perspectives.

Worst-case loss scenarios are used to identify the types of harm that could ensue and the severity of each type.

As soon as an assessment is complete, graphical results are presented on the user’s device, highlighting the asset’s calculated criticality rating, maximum credible loss, and required protection.

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