Belarus man looking at 38 years in jail for identity theft

Dmitry Naskovetz, a 26-year-old Belarusian national, has plead guilty to three charges of fraud and identity theft and could end up in jail for a total of 38 years.

He admitted to being the mastermind behind a website called, which offered services to identity thieves that needed someone who would call banks pretending to be the legitimate bank account holders and confirming the fraudulent transactions.

He employed a number of English and German native speakers who would impersonate the account holders, claim that they were the victims of identity theft and – after answering a number of personal security questions – would authorize the transactions initiated by the criminals.

Arrested in the Czech Republic in April 2010 in a coordinated effort by the US Department of Justice, the Belarusian and Lithuanian cybercrime departments and the Czech police, he was extradited to the US and charged.

Sergey Semashko – his partner in crime and the owner and administrator of, the underground criminal forum where Naskovetz advertised its services – was also arrested on the same day in Belarus, but he hasn’t been extradited to the US and will be facing a court in his own country.

According to PC World, Naskovetz has yesterday finally pled guilty to all the charges and the sentence is due to be delivered on May 26.

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