Facebook is not overpopulated – it’s a scam

The latest survey scam to hit Facebook users starts with a message that’s supposedly from the Facebook team:

Unfortunately for the most gullible users, it isn’t. The link takes them to a rogue application by the name of “view_your_problem”, and if they give it permission to access their information and post on their Wall, it literally becomes their problem, Facecrooks warns.

The same message that they fell for has now be posted on their Wall in order to lure in other users, and they themselves are taken to a page where they are urged to share their mobile phone number and complete a few surveys:

People who fell for the scam are advised to remove the rogue application from their account, to delete all the messages it posted on it and to contact their mobile carrier to verify that no bogus charges have appeared and to warn it about the possibility of them appearing in the future.

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