“Facebook sponsored weight loss product” scam is back

The “Facebook sponsored weight loss product” scam makes a comeback on the social network and tries to lure its users with fake testimonial messages on their friends’ walls.

Following the offered link takes the user to a page for the rogue application where he is supposed to wait for a video to load:

If the user tries to navigate away from the page, a message will pop up claiming that the user is about to “corrupt the Flash install” and a testimonial message appears on the profile, furthering the scam.

The scam finally leads to a typical fake news page that touts the “Miracle Acai Berry Diet”, peppered with links that will take the user to a site where he can buy the advertised berries and get his money stolen in return.

According to GFI, the rogue app is supposedly also able to propagate via Facebook chat by posting a “Hey, What the hell are you doing in this video? Is this dancing or what?? Bahahah [LINK]” in a chat message to the user’s friends.

Luckily, Facebook is onto the scammers and many of the rogue application pages are down. There are still some that work, but hopefully they will be down soon.

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