Japan earthquake search results already poisoned

It didn’t take long for malware pushers to take advantage of Internet users’ hunger for news and videos from Japan after it was hit today by the most powerful earthquake in the last 100 years:

According to Trend Micro, a search for the “most recent earthquake in Japan” will yield many search results that take users to pages where they are offered fake AV solutions.

As always, users are advised to search reputable news sites for up-to-date news. If you feel you must use Google, at least go to http://news.google.com/ to search, since those results are taken from legitimate sources.

As a side note, Google has taken advantage of its search engine popularity to post a Tsunami Alert on the engine’s home page for a number of countries that are expected to be hit by waves caused by the tectonic shift.

The company has also launched a version of its Person Finder service for people that search for loved ones and friends in the wake of the earthquake.

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