Anonymous leaks incriminating Bank of America e-mails

The big news today is that Anonymous – the hacktivist group known for its DDoS attacks and support for WikiLeaks – has rendered public a collection of e-mails it exchanged with and has been given by a former employee of a loan insurer owned by the Bank of America.

Balboa Insurance is the name of the company the whistleblower worked for, and the e-mails in question supposedly show that the firm intentionally concealed some information regarding foreclosures when U.S. federal auditors took over mortgage loan companies IndyMac and Aurora Loan Services, and that some of the loan documentation handled by the company was actually forged to expedite foreclosures.

Computerworld reports that the domain on which the documents have been posted is currently down and that a search into its owner revealed it’s a “James Jophan” of California – possibly a fake name. According to the BBC, Bank of America predictably denied it was guilty the accusations laid at its door with these e-mails.

An Anonymous member announced on his Twitter account that this is just the first batch of e-mails and documents that will supposedly show that BoA broke law with its foreclosure practices.

Whether these leaks by Anonymous will be followed by the long expected leak concerning a major US financial player – thought to be the BoA – announced some time ago by WikiLeaks, it’s anyone’s guess.

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