F-Secure Policy Manager 10 released

Effective security management of corporate computers and servers is all about the consistency, speed and efficiency of operations.

Policy Manager 10 automates daily operations like protecting new computers and the removal of disconnected hosts. Making greater use of automation is like shifting IT security to autopilot.

Loading of all reports is eleven times faster than in the previous version, based on tests conducted in a 3000 host production environment. The tests also revealed that daily manual work, like the removal of disconnected hosts, is now fully automated compared to taking about one day a month before.

With the Policy Manager centralized security management solution, security administrators can remotely install, configure and monitor workstations, servers or even remote offices from one location. The new version of Policy Manager also introduces several features to boost productivity and performance.

  • Automated daily operations for protecting new computers and removing disconnected hosts.
  • An Active Directory domain can now be replicated directly to Policy Manager.
  • Support for multiple administrators, who can log into Policy Manager simultaneously from different locations. Each administrator’s credentials can be set to have full or read-only access.
  • Faster performance that is lighter on system resource use.
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