Facebook users spammed through Events feature

Facebook scammers are sure to take advantage of every feature that the social network offers and that can be exploited to propagate their scams.

The latest one employes the often used bait of a tool that will supposedly allow the users to see who views their profile, but makes use of a feature that is so far rarely employed to spread the scam.

It is the Events feature, and the bogus event is surely more likely to be noticed by the users than if the offer was buried in the News Feed.

Here is how the page for the Event is crafted:

The friends who get invited to the event are also hit with the same offer when the user follows the bit.ly link given on the Event page, since the destination page executes a script that publishes the same link on the affected user’s Wall.

“This scheme seems to work fairly well for spammers, as we’ve seen spam events to which tens of thousands of users registered as attendees,” say Trend Micro researchers. “We also observed that similar spam event posts are frequently updated by their posters, usually only modifying the provided links to avoid blockage.”

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