Asure ID 7 released

HID Global released Asure ID 7, the latest update to its card personalization suite of software.

Asure ID 7 includes new features and enhancements to the user interface, while still utilizing a Microsoft Ribbon look and feel that is built on the Microsoft .NET technology platform for stability and interoperability.

New features include the addition of Swift ID template importing, resin panel capabilities, iCLASS encoding support and an industry-unique feature which automatically notifies users of updates. Significant enhancements have been made to the reporting engine and to the iDIRECTOR module that allow users to build custom reports and easily integrate unique applications to both iCLASS and MIFARE cards.

Asure ID 7 includes four versions tailored to the various needs and sizes of an organization:

Asure ID Solo – Easy to use and perfect for entry-level card personalization, Solo is loaded with useful features to improve the issuance and basic management of photo IDs.

Asure ID Express – The ideal choice for organizations looking for affordable photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities.

Asure ID Enterprise – Featuring Live Link for large organizations that require multiple workstations to share a common database over a network in real time.

Asure ID Exchange – Designed for the most sophisticated secure credential applications combining Live Link advanced database support and iDIRECTOR technology card design for smart card deployment.

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