GFI Software solutions now available through the Intel Hybrid Cloud

GFI Software has collaborated with Intel to make GFI VIPRE Antivirus, GFI LANguard, GFI EventsManager and GFI EndPointSecurity available through the Intel Hybrid Cloud. SMBs are increasingly aware of the cost savings and efficiencies they can gain by adopting cloud-based IT solutions.

The Intel Hybrid Cloud enables GFI Software to take advantage of that rising demand and the recurring revenue it generates from subscription-based pricing.

“As more and more SMBs adopt cloud-based solutions to cut costs and streamline operations, GFI Software is evolving its own software delivery and pricing models to support them,” said Walter Scott, CEO of GFI Software. “For the cloud to successfully gain traction in the SMB market, it needs to be easy to deploy, cost effective, reliable and backed by a trusted industry leader. Intel is a name all SMBs know and respect. Participating in the Intel Hybrid Cloud program ensures GFI Software is well positioned to lead SMBs into the cloud.”

“Through the Hybrid Cloud, Intel is offering VARs and MSPs access to the core solutions a small business needs via a software-as-a-service model,” said Bridget Karlin, general manager, Intel Hybrid Cloud. “Whether it’s email, security, VoIP, an office productivity suite or accounting software, we’re creating a market place for SMB applications from industry solution providers like GFI Software. With the applications announced today, and more to be added in the coming months, GFI Software helps diversify and add a tremendous amount of depth to the Intel Hybrid Cloud offering.”

For more information on the network security and vulnerability scanning tool GFI LANguard, go here.

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