Protect, share and sync data remotely

Trend Micro announced SafeSync for Business to help even the smallest companies securely save, manage and access their digital files from anywhere at any time, while increasing productivity by enabling file sharing between co-workers and clients.

Using secure cloud-based technology, SafeSync for Business is designed to let users easily access and share all their data while ensuring that they are protected, saved and up to date across multiple computers and mobile devices via the innovative synchronization technology.

SafeSync also keeps an additional, up to date, copy in the cloud that can be accessed from any web enabled device or used in case of hardware failure or loss. SafeSync eliminates the need to manually move files from one PC to another, which is not only time-consuming but more subject to data loss. The result is superior organization of data and the ability to quickly and easily share and backup digital files.

Companies can also collaborate internally or externally with shared folders. The sharing function allows employees to share their files with co-workers and clients anytime, anywhere. This not only improves employee productivity but also removes the need for expensive and complex on premise storage equipment, which may be a reason why some small businesses aren’t adopting servers.

SafeSync for Business features:

  • Secure Online data storage and back up with synchronization
  • Anytime, anywhere file accessing, editing, and organizing
  • Sharing files for team collaboration — File Server as a service
  • No file size limits and folder permissions
  • Multiple users per account — One license for the company
  • Continuous, automatic file synchronization — Does not slow down PC
  • Video and music streaming to compatible hand-held devices
  • Centralized management for administrator
  • Instant Secure link sharing with any third party — External file and folder sharing support
  • Deleted file recovery with unlimited versioning
  • Windows and Mac fully supported
  • iPhone/iPad and Android supported
  • Any web enabled device supported
  • Access your latest data across all personal data devices.

SafeSync for Business is available starting at $90.00 per user (50GB), per year and adjusts downward with volume licensing.

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