A closer look at MainMenu Pro

MainMenu Pro (v3.0.3) is a maintenance tool for the Mac. It enables you to keep your Mac in shape by reclaiming unused disk space, speeding the launch of application, cleaning various caches and logs, fine-tuning your machine, and more.

Welcome screen (click to enlarge):

Most of the actions this tool performs are executed behind the scenes – so to speak. You know that a task is done when the software notifies you of this (and you can see the executed tasks in the log file), but there is no progress report.

It’s also very helpful to know that the software can be accessed also via the icon that appears in the System menu bar automatically after you have installed the software, and that it is perhaps simpler to access the tasks this way:

So, let’s start. The Home Clean tool allows you to Clean the user, dashboard and browsers’ caches and browser histories, and to remove .DS_Store files.

The only task that shows immediately visible results is the Archive Desktop option. It takes all the files and folders on your desktop and collects them into a neatly labeled single folder, which is by default placed on your desktop – a joy for un-clutterers!

The Volumes tool can repair disk permissions, repair volumes, secure erase the free space on them, find large files that you might want to remove, and allows you to eject volumes.

The Maintenance tool allows you to run manually the daily, weekly and monthly Mac OS X maintenance scripts for keeping the system running smoothly:

The Optimize tool allows you to update the whatis and locate databases, remove corrupted preferences, vacuum Apple Mail’s index, rebuild the Spotlight index and rebuild launch services – all with a single click on the button and with the intent of speeding up you Mac.

The Trash tool secure deletes selected files or the Trash. You can also force deletes selected files and remove .DS_Store files in a selected folder.

Use the Kill Process tool to quit all or specific applications, and the Restart Processes tool to restart your machine’s airport, relaunch the Finder, Dock or System Menu Bar or any of the opened applications.

The System Clean tool offers the options of cleaning system, all users and font caches, flushing the DNS cache and cleaning all logs.

Use the Settings tool to make invisible files visible, disable the dashboard, choose the screenshot file format (JPG, PNG, PDF or TIFF), disable or enable screenshot shadows, and turn on the screensaver.

A click on the last button will take you to the software’s Settings, where you can – among other things – group tasks you want performed with a single click:

Choose a name for the custom task, choose which tasks will be run and what the system will do when it’s all finished (restart, shutdown, or do nothing).

MainMenu Pro is a handy little piece of software that is extremely easy to use – after all, it does all the work automatically after a single click. There is no possibility of doing something wrong or doing irreparable damage to the system, and that can be a great relief for novices.

If you want to keep your Mac clean, fast and tidy, try MainMenu Pro for 14 days (that’s how long the trial version will work for), and then decide. You can download it here.

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