Comodo Brazil breached, sensitive data leaked

The recent spate of attacks against Sony’s various assets has probably made a lot of companies thank their lucky stars that they aren’t the ones who have been targeted. But some can’t seem to catch a break.

Case in point: Comodo.

After having three of their registration authorities recently compromised by a hacker who exploited the situation and issued a number of rogue SSL certificates for high profile domains such as Google, Yahoo and Skype, the company worked to remedy the situation and – unlike Sony – it didn’t make statements that could be viewed as arrogant by the hacker underground.

Nevertheless, their security troubles are far from over, since hackers have managed to exploit a flaw in the company’s Brazil website and have managed to get their hands on the database containing information about Comodo’s SSL certificate customers and certificate authorities.

According to Softpedia, the certificate authority data consist of their name, email, fax, phone number, order number, certificate request, private key file name and other things. The SSL certificate customers data includes also their names and addresses, their domain names, type of web servers they use (along with serial numbers), and more.

A partial dump of the database has been published by the hackers on over the weekend, and the released data also seems to contain a number of logins for Comodo employees’ accounts.

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