SCADA SIEM for critical infrastructure protection

AlienVault released its ICS SIEM, a family of purpose-built appliances which provide a platform for security and compliance management across industrial process control networks.

The solution includes the detection, prevention and awareness capabilities necessary to get ahead of security and compliance challenges.

A single dashboard allows operators to define and enforce security policies as well as produce the forensically accurate reporting to demonstrate compliance with internal and external regulations.

Key features:

  • No-touch deployments add security without impacting process reliability
  • Immediate visibility into Industrial Control System security
  • Unlimited support across all SCADA and other IP-enabled components
  • Rugged fanless chassis for high reliability
  • Embedded intrusion Detection including Host, Wireless and Network
  • Compliance platform for NERC, NRC, CFATS and other regimes.

“Industrial networks face increasing threat of incidents causing economic, physical and human damage,” said Chris Blask, AlienVault’s Vice President, Industrial Control System Group. “SIEM as a technology provides the dashboard for planning and implementing a complete solution. AlienVault ICS SIEM uniquely combines the necessary supporting technologies, such as vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection, in a physical and architectural format appropriate for industrial applications.”

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