Trend Micro expands risk management portfolio

Trend Micro announced new solutions for protecting enterprises from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) known to evade conventional perimeter and content security.

Today’s advanced attacks use a multi-phase approach to achieve valuable data theft – gaining a point of entry, downloading additional malware, locating and compromising target systems, and uploading data. While an actual compromise can happen quickly, the time span from entry to initial compromise is more often hours or days.

The time to actual discovery and full containment can be several months. During this cycle an enterprise’s network is hosting an intruder whose purpose is to compromise valuable data. The good news is that evasive malware can be detected – by identification at entry, by its network activity, and by its effect on endpoints and servers.

Trend Micro Threat Intelligence Manager

Threat Intelligence Manager (TIM) is a sophisticated event management solution designed to provide complete insight into the lifecycle of security events. With access to the latest threat statistics, actionable security intelligence, and visualization techniques, this malware-focused incident response tool empowers IT managers of enterprises to rapidly analyze and remediate risk points.

This allows enterprises to spot advanced and hidden threats, learn how they penetrated the corporate network, and gauge their impact. TIM’s incident and event analysis complements and expands the reporting capabilities of Trend Micro products and provides security specialists the insight needed to quickly respond to enterprise threats.

Threat Intelligence Manager is available now and U.S. pricing starts at $6,250 for 1000 users.

Trend Micro Threat Management System

Threat Management System (TMS) is a network analysis and visibility solution that detects evasive intrusions, automates remediation, and is designed to provide the real-time visibility, insight, and control to protect enterprises from advanced attacks. TMS is used by over 300 customers worldwide, including some of the world’s most sophisticated government agencies and leading corporations within banking and telecommunications.

The latest release of TMS introduces a new malware identification and malware analysis platform, the Dynamic Threat Analysis System. The tool extends the capabilities of TMS’s leading threat detection and correlation engines by using sandboxing and other advanced methods to provide detailed exploration, simulation and full forensic analysis of suspected malware captured by the Threat Management System or submitted directly by a security specialist.

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