McAfee enhances security management solution

McAfee announced enhancements to their security management solution, providing automated and real-time security and risk analytics to proactively identify, assess, manage and report on enterprise security.

The McAfee Security Management solution delivers integration between the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, McAfee Risk Advisor, and McAfee endpoint products to enable organizations to gain complete visibility of security and risk events across any on-premise or hosted desktop, network, or server.

McAfee Security Management enables organizations to manage security and risk activities more effectively and comprehensively than ever before. Solution enhancements include:

Complete visibility into security posture: Automated and real-time reporting analytics enable organizations to proactively identify, manage and report across their complete security and risk profile.

Leveraging the latest version of the ePolicy Orchestrator platform, the solution provides alignment and visibility of critical security and risk events across the IT environment, supporting both on-premise and SaaS security information via McAfee endpoint solutions. In addition, automated risk and compliance reporting and policy assignments based on pre-defined risk or threat scenarios ensures rapid time-to-value in supporting regulatory and policy compliance requirements.

Proactive risk analytics: Allows organizations to analyze the impact of potential activities to their overall risk profile. Enabled by McAfee Risk Advisor, organizations can proactively analyze how changes to their business environment impact their risk and security profile, in order to more effectively manage and reduce business risk.

Further, automated application awareness allows security managers to associate risk, threat and security vulnerability information with underlying business applications. These combined enhancements deliver automatic prioritization of top security issues and risks, allowing organizations to more effectively and rapidly mitigate issues that are most critical in protecting and securing the business.

Simplified, automated operations: Automates and monitors key security program operations, providing technical integration and management across the broadest set of security systems through a single management interface.

Comprehensive automation capabilities include automated installation and configuration wizards, policy assignments and workflow, drag-and-drop analytic dashboards, and software update notifications, as well as automated web APIs that connect all security information and policies with other IT applications.

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